Precise Auto Services & Inspections

Fluid and maintenance neglect is the number 1 cause for engine and component breakdown. A regular scheduled maintenance program will prolong the life of your vehicle.

Air Filter – Auto Services

Each customer will receive a full report on all services done to vehicle. We will also keep all records and maintenance needs for the vehicle as to ensure accurate detailed information for future services.

**We also have a program called the “VIP” service program, this program is designed to keep your life In Motion and leave your vehicles service needs to us. We will set you up on an automatic monthly payment option so you don’t have to pay for anything at the time of your service. Additionally we will have you in our data base and call you to set up all service appointments so you don’t have to keep track or even think about when your vehicle needs it’s next service. You have enough to worry about, let us worry about your automotive service needs.