As a well respected, prestigious large company we know that it is hard for employees to find time in a very busy day to take their vehicle to get it’s regularly scheduled maintenance done. This leads to longer lunch breaks and even having to leave work early to get to the service station before they close then sitting and waiting for hours making for a very long day.

We have created a program called Employee Perks, designed to take the burden of vehicle maintenance out of the employees already busy life and into our expert hands. While your busy employees have a great deal of responsibility doing their part in helping your company grow, This program will show your employees how much you appreciate what they do for your company by creating valuable free time to spend with family.

How the program works:

We will designate a set day of the week to service vehicles on site in a designated erea at your location.

We will schedule all services on a constant regularly scheduled service program as suggested by all manufacturers.

We will give discounts to all employees for every service we perform.

We have an automatic payment program designed to take a small payment every month to avoid having to interrupt the employee during work hours. No payment will be due at time of service since it has already been paid for. Very convenient .

We will provide a detailed checklist of all work done on vehicle for the employees records.

We will provide a secure lock box and key tags for employees to leave keys due for service. “If Needed”

We proudly provide services to the following Companies: